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Aug. 10th, 2016

Princess Leia

Rebel Legion Jaina Solo Pictures WIP

Here are my pics for a few of my items for my Jaina solo costume I have assembled so far.

Jaina Solo Costume Guidelines:

Boots - "Brown or tan knee-high, riding-type boots with little or no heel"
Zippers on the inside, elastic covered by flap on the inside right behind zipper. Straps that used to cross over at the ankle have been removed, but I am a little concerned if there is some discoloration left behind on the right boot. Does it look noticeable?

Pants - "Tan pants, lighter in color than the tunic"
They may look a little light outside here, but they are a basic khaki, women's Talbots pant. I also have them on in some of the boots pictures.

Scarf - "A neck scarf noticeably darker in color than the tunic"
Scarf is what I would call a chocolate brown fleece or fleece-like material. It looks dark when I took the outside picture so I have also taken an inside picture for color contrast. I can sew this into an infinity scarf if I need to in order to keep it from slipping as some other Jaina WIP threads have suggested. I can also cut off the fringe if that is not considered part of Jaina's costume.

Jul. 19th, 2016

Princess Leia

Star Wars Books/Comics Capsule Reviews Part 1

Now that I've caught up on most of the news from Celebration this past weekend and watched that Rebels season 3 trailer a dozen times, I was in the mood to do this. I've already said how much I loved the Leia and Kanan comics from last year as well as enjoying the YA Leia novel Moving Targets. He's what Star Wars stuff I've read in 2016.

Star Wars: Rebels
The Rebellion Begins
by Simon Kinberg and Michael Kogge
Normally I could care less about novelizations these days. But this one was surprisingly good. Not only do we get two additional chapters at the beginning that weren't in the show and thus read like deleted scenes but the novel gets inside the characters' heads at some of the best moments and offers insight in a way that the print medium can do that the visual medium cannot. Some such moments are funny like what was Zeb thinking about that "hairless Wookie" plan, while others are downright profound like the two description of Kanan fully opening himself up to the Force again for the first time in 14 years and it beautiful. Rarely have a heard a better description of how destiny and free will co-exists which can be such a tricky spiritual concept to get across, but here Kanan greets the Force like an old friend he hasn't seen in years, finally unafraid to embrace who and what he really is. This novel shows the strengths of translating a story to a different medium, nothing groundbreaking here, but strong enough to recommend for those who want a complementary way to experience the excitement of the pilot episode again.

Star Wars: A New Dawn
by John Jackson Miller
This novel was great! It certainly made me a JJM fan. And of course I loved seeing Kanan and Hera's first meeting and seeing it told well. JJM's skills for worldbuilding and creating interesting supporting characters are in full force here. I'm not sure I understood all the beats of Vidian's complex plan, but I easily got the jist of it and he deserves a place as a notable villain in the Star Wars rogues gallery. Rae Sloane is a notable character who seems to be making the rounds in this new universe in other comics and novels. Skelly is annoying, but important to the plot. And who can't help but love Zaluna and Okadiah. The heart of the story though is Kanan's journey which is the next stage in his character progression from the person he was at the end of the Kanan comic to the person he would become by the beginning of Rebels. And of course the impetus for all of this is meeting Hera with the two of them falling into a rhythm almost right away that will as the basis for their long partnership. I recently recommended this one to my friend "T" who is just now getting into the Rebels TV show and she enjoyed it too.

Star Wars: Shattered Empire Comic
This was fun if a quicker read than I expected. It was great to meet Poe's parents, especially his mom. I loved seeing her, Leia, and the Queen of Naboo flying and fighting the Empire together. I also enjoyed the mission Poe's mom goes on with Luke to salvage something important from the old Jedi temple. Nothing deep or thought provoking about this story, but good, fun adventure and it's great to see the continuation of introducing cool, female characters into the new cannon.

Star Wars: Rebels
Ezra's Gamble
by Ryder Windham
A swift but enjoyable read for Rebels fans who want to know more about Ezra's past in a story that is set just prior to the beginning of the TV show. Ezra's partnership with Bossk the bounty hunter draws some fun parallels to Kanan and Janus Kasmir. And sorry to all the Boba Fett fans, but Bossk is best bounty hunter! He was the only other bad guy Star Wars figure I had as a kid besides Vader so I always enjoy getting to see him get some love from writers. So bringing him into a Rebels story and teaming him up with Ezra was a lot of fun for me. I hope he shows up in the show at some point.

Star Wars Legends
Last of the Jedi #1 - the Desperate Mission
by Jude Watson
A Dark Times story about a Padawan trying to survive. Given my love of Kanan, you can see how this would interest me. And I thought the story was decent. I like Fergus Olin. I liked Obi-Wan leaving Tatooine to help him out. The two make a good team. However, the plot was just okay. Fergus had the Ahsoka-like advantage of leaving the order before Order 66, so the danger he was facing never felt as desperate as Kanan's. It also felt like it took half the book before Fergus even showed up. Then it ends on a cliffhanger. Basically I found the concept more interesting than the execution. So while I enjoying seeing a character who may have been some early influence for Kanan, I'm not in a hurry to read the next one, though I might finish reading them someday.

Star Wars Legends
Rebel Force #2 - Hostage
by Alex Wheeler
I liked seeing a Legends YA novel focusing on Leia and some survivors of Alderaan. My favorite parts involved the surprise (to me at least) return of Fergus Olin and how he operated as a secret Jedi guardian for Leia throughout her childhood like Obi-Wan did for Luke and flashbacks to young Leia on Alderaan. I found this Fergus and his undercover work more interesting than the Last of the Jedi series. The plot with Leia was somewhat predictable, but Han, Luke, and Leia were in character and I liked the way Fergus danced around being a Jedi with Luke around. Not sure I care about who this mysterious "X" guy is though who didn't do much and kept interrupting the main plot with his interludes which ties into some bigger story. But I wouldn't mind reading more of this series, or at least the final one where Fergus has some kind of confrontation with Vader.

Star Wars Legends
Dark Times Comic Vol. 1 & 2
More stories of Jedi being hunted during the Dark Times. The first volume left me cold with it's cannibalism and failure to really connect with any of the characters. The second volume did a little better with the story of the Jedi padawans, but not enough to make me want to continue the series (apart from the crossover volume with KOTOR). Disappointing. The new cannon is much better at handling Dark Times stories from what I've read so far.

Star Wars Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir Comic
Worth a read as Maul's storyline was one of my favorite parts of Clone Wars. It fills in some of the blanks between Clone Wars and Rebels and I liked seeing how Maul's alliance with the Black Sun and Deathwatch fell apart as well as what happened to Mother Talzen. Can't think of much else to say other than it was a good continuation and bridge between the two animated shows. Definitely worth it for Maul fans.

Star Wars Legends
by John Jackson Miller
Another great book from a man who has become one of my favorite SW authors. The story starts slow with Kenobi showing up in the prologue then disappearing for five chapters until a critical moment. Honestly, I was getting bored up until that point. But the character and worldbuilding of those early chapters serve the rest of the novel well. I especially loved the character of Analeen and her pseudo-romance with Kenobi. Obi-wan state of mind in the wake of RotS is well-examined here. I love his journal-style meditations to Qui-Gon, and the way the story builds until he's forced to confront some of the deep regret and failure regarding Anakin. Obi-wan is so good at bottling things up (cuz, "there is no emotion, there is peace") and I love the way it all just comes out in a emotional explosion. I really dig the space western plot. The Sand People's culture is alien and disturbing, but still not as disturbing as the sexist pig Analeen has to deal with throughout the book. I'm sad this novel is no longer cannon because it's wonderful. But it's still a must read for any Obi-Wan fan like me.

Star Wars Legends
Star Wars Adventures Princess Leia and the Royal Ransom Comic
Just an all-ages comic with Han and Leia on a mission to rescue a spoiled kidnapped princess who is the stereotypical opposite of buttkicking Leia. The plot is predictable and the art is only okay, but as a Leia fan, it was nice to see a few girl power moments from her. Otherwise skipable.

Star Wars: Dark Disciple
by Christy Golden
Something of a mixed bag. I really like Assajj Ventress in this story. It's a great continuation of her story from Clone Wars and provides a good conclusion to her story. The love story between her and Vos was also believable and well-realized. The two do complement each other as a couple. But Vos himself was just kinda meh. While I was interested in the progression of his relationship with Ventress, he just felt so bland which is weird considering his mission should be more interesting than it was. Maybe it was just that we know Vos could never succeed given we know when Dooku dies and it's obviously not here. Therefore the suspense of the story is forced to rest on the fight for Vos's soul which I didn't care as much about for Vos's sake but more for Assajj's sake and the sake of their relationship. It was hard to tell when he was being influenced by the dark side and when he wasn't and when he though he was fine but still really wasn't. There was so much back and forth and it was confusing. The middle of this story dragged, but the beginning and ending were strong. I did like how Vos's psychometry powers were used throughout the plot and how Dooku used it against him. Obi-Wan continues to be the voice of reason as the hypocrisy of the Jedi Council continues to have me roll my eyes. I enjoyed Obi-Wan and Assajj teaming up. This probably would have made a great span of episodes but it just feels too long as a novel and could have used a tighter storyline. But as a fan of Ventress and for an interesting look at a lighsider/darksider romance, I'm glad I pressed through to the end of the book.

Star Wars Legends
Dark Forces Trilogy Radio Dramas
I really like Kyle Katarn. He's become one of my favorite Legends characters. I can see some of the comparison to Kanan, but I think Kyle is very unique in his own right too. I like seeing his evolution from Imperial Trooper to Rebel to Jedi Knight. I like seeing a Jedi who has family connects like a father and lover. He and Jan make a good team. I was a little disappointed to learn that the Radio Dramas did not use the video game cast. Jerek was a cool nemesis and I loved getting to know about Rahm Kota who also has influenced Kanan some. So I really dug the story. However, it does feel kinda disjointed being based on video games. I'm not sure if these stories are adapting the games, filling in the gaps, or some of both, but I was disappointed with the time jumps between the stories. I wanted to know more. I also didn't like how distrustful Mon Mothma was of Kyle but I do see her wariness as surprisingly consistent with the vibe I'm getting between Mothma and Jyn in the Rogue One trailer. I found the stealing of the Death Star plans that Kayle and Jan pulled off a bit underwhelming and almost too easy, but that might again be a problem with it being a radio play and not a big budget feature. Anyway I loved the final showdown with Jerek and am looking forward to Kyle and Jan showing up in Legends novels.

Star Wars Legends
Knights of the Old Republic Comic Vol. 1 & 2
by John Jackson Miller, etc.
I am enjoying this so far which is good because it's a pretty long series. Zayne is a likable protagonist and I like the rag-tag crew he joins up with. This crew connected with me in a way the Dark Times crew failed to do. The white female alien reminds me of Hebzibah from the X-Men's Starjammers and they are just a quirky bunch. I like the mystery and conspiracy that has been set up that put Zayne on the run in the first place. The Jedi Council of this era is even worse than the Clone Wars era council. I hope the story provides a satisfying conclusion to Zayne's plight but I'll enjoy his adventures along the way. Since this is a long story I will take my time with it, but I do plan to read it all. I just haven't decided if I want to read it all from the library or buy my own copies yet.

Star Wars Darth Vader Comic Vol. 1
It was okay. Being part of the Marvel reboot I decided to give it a try but the new characters haven't made much of an impression on me, including Dr. Aphra. The most important plot points are getting referenced in the main SW comic anyway. I guess I'm just not a big enough fan of Vader to be interested in a monthly book about him. I will try the Vader Down crossover at some point though. Otherwise I'll stick to other titles.

Star Wars Comic Vol. 1 Skywalker Strikes
Now this I liked a lot. Everyone was in character and the art was great. It really felt like a story that captured the feel of A New Hope and could be set between episodes 4 & 5. I'm a fan already of Cassaday's art from Zorro and X-Men and I look forward to seeing more of him and Gillen. I'm adding the trade to my pull list. Can't wait to see what Sana Solo is all about.

Star Wars Legends
Young Jedi Knights #1 Heirs to the Force
by Anderson and Moesta
I remember some of this series vaguely from my childhood. I can't remember how many of them I read before or not, but I enjoyed this first one either way. I love Jaina and Jacen and Lowie and Tenel Ka. They are some of my favorite Legends characters. Even Em Teedee isn't as annoying as I remember. These bring back some nice nostalgia so I'm currently making my way through these right now before I dive into the main adult series. I really wanted to read some Jedi twins stuff and didn't want to have to wait until I got to NJO. I also have a big interest in Jaina as I am putting together a cosplay of her for Rebel Legion. Next to Leia she's my favorite female SW character. So I enjoy reading about her and Jacen before all the angst of their grown up years.

Star Wars Legends
Knight Errant Comic Vol. 1
by John Jackson Miller, etc.
Kiera is another great character I love as much as Zayne, maybe a little more. I enjoy her impulsiveness and her trying to balance what she needs to do for the greater good vs her personal vendetta. It's a good dilemma for a Jedi. And I like seeing it done with a female character. I hope to collect all of this series. I love how there are two main villains for this series who have a rivalry - one being a tyrant and the other being just nuts. The KOTOR time period is so much fun.

Star Wars Legends
Dawn of the Jedi Vol. 1
It's interesting going back to the earliest days of the Jedi. I like seeing a time when lightsabers are a new thing and the characters are nice mix. So I think I will continue with this series, but I want to finish Knight Errant and KOTOR with Zayne first.

Star Wars: Legends
The Jedi Path
This was a cool idea to do a book like this. I like the idea of a Jedi handbook that gets into depth about the order and Jedi powers and stuff. I like the comments from the books many owners as well from Yoda to Luke. I know this book isn't cannon anymore but the lore is still very helpful and I feel like such a geek and I can say stuff like I think Kylo Ren's Force specialty is control abilities. That suspension of a blaster bolt in mid air looks like some advanced form of tutaminus. It's also fun imagining what path and abilities I'd like to specialize in if I were a Jedi. Probably I'd be a Counsular, specializing in Form 6 since it's the most well-rounded for both offense and defense and incorporates cool telekinesis techniques. I'd be either a Seer or Researcher but a researcher out in the field with the Exploration Corps making archaeological discoveries or meeting new species. I know handbooks exist for Sith, Imperials, and Bounty Hunters too, but I'm a Jedi lover at heart so this is the only handbook that has really interested me, though I love the concept of these books as a whole. I'd love to see a Rebel Alliance handbook. I'd definitely buy that.

So that's what I've had a chance to read so far. I'm reading Young Jedi Knights and the Leia Bloodlines novel right now. Then I'll do Lords of the Sith and Shatterpoint and then go back and do Dawn of the Jedi, Knight Errant, KOTOR, Dark Rendezvous, Empire and Rebellion 1 & 2, Heir to the Empire and start into Zahn (Scoundrels, Alligiance, Choices of One) and the Ahsoka novel in October. My hope is to chronologically get through the Thrawn trilogy before Zahn's new Thrawn novel comes out in April. I want to reread the original before I see what Zahn does with him in the new cannon.

Jul. 13th, 2016

Princess Leia

Predictions For Star Wars Rebels Season 3

I wanted to get this in before Star Wars Celebration this weekend just based on what we know so far. I'll do predictions after that news too before season 3 begins. Spoilers below!
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May. 15th, 2016


"Dear Murdering Bastards" of Sleepy Hollow

Beware of SPOILERS!

Sleepy Hollow finished its season first so it gets to be the first victim!

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"Dear Murdering Bastards" An Intro

Welcome to the first in a new series of ranting posts. Now I'm not the kind of person that minds death on TV but there are some things that should be kept in mind when dealing with this subject:

1. Death wasn't "on the tin"
There are some shows that you expect people to die in. You watch them because you're in the mood for a good cry, or that's just part of the genre, or they make you happy in a morbid way by reminding you that your own life is pretty good in comparison with the suckiness these characters have to endure. But there are others where the line is firmly drawn. Supporting characters may die, but the main ones are off limits or at least you assume they are because they are in the opening credits or because of their importance to the source material. So the sudden whammo of death is a betrayal of the unofficial contract written between viewers/readers and showrunners/writers. You are within your rights as a fan to call them out and rant.

2. It was done badly
Now there is a lot of ymmv here. But I think there are some universal standards of good vs bad writing, things like certain tropes that lead to pure shock value death or women in refrigerators or the actor wants to leave the show so they are killed quickly or out of spite or even off screen. (And you have to ask yourself why did they want to leave in the first place. Were the writers the ones who have to deal with a diva leaving in which case they really aren't to blame or are the showrunners the ones to blame by not listen to an actor's concerns about diminishing screen time, or harassment problems, not getting along behind the scenes, etc. Or the writers have written themselves into a corner by promising one thing but then doing a 180 to get them out of it that had no build up at all. Or the universe is one in which fantastical things happen where people can return from the dead via magic or time travel, etc. but then a character is killed to remind you "death can be for realz and no tackbacksies on this one muhwahahahahaha!" You are within your rights as a fan to call them out and rant.

3. The character who dies was you favorite. Doesn't matter why it happened or even if it was good writing. They. Were. Your. Favorite! You are within your rights as a fan to call out those who are too mean to let you mourn and rant.

Of course rants should never be an excuse for personal attacks. There is a huge difference between venting your anger by saying "the writers are idiots, I hope they are are all fired!" (knowing you have no real control not being an actual producer in Hollywood) and sending someone actual death threats over something fictional. But normal fans are passionate and sometimes we need to just let it out. And that's what this series is all about, letting off that steam for me.

The title of this series comes from a episode commentary on a Highlander DVD by writers Gillian Horvath and Donna Lettow regarding the death of a particular character on that show. At one point, Gillian said to Donna, "if you ever start a blog 'Dear Murdering Bastards' should be its title." To this day, I don't know if Donna ever did start such a blog and if she did I can't find it. So I have decided to use it for this series of mine, for all of us still living in "Clan Denial" over the deaths of our favorite fictional characters.

This TV season has been particularly bad for me with favorite character deaths, but I'm not limiting myself to the present. This series will explore many shows that bring back painful memories of those episodes that I will never watch again, and whether or not those shows jumped the shark with said deaths or if they show still had enough going for it to still make me keep watching. Because while some TV deaths I may still not be over, they were still either good deaths or the show had/has enough other good thing going for it that I didn't quit watching entirely and a death is simply "the episode that shall not be named." This series of posts will not just explore TV but can extend to books and comics too, it just that TV seems to have done it to me the most.

So yeah, expect big spoilers for each show I mention. But perhaps we can find comfort mourning together.


What you can expect from me blogging this year:

I haven't been blogging as much as I used to in the past years. This year though I've had some inspiration to try a few new things. Star Wars has helped a lot in giving me things I want to talk about, same with the 50th anniversary of Star Trek so those are two positive things. I also have some ranting to do about some current TV shows I watch or rather did watch. The whole messy stories will be forthcoming, nothing related to fan communities, just some really awful writing and mishandling shows that used to be so good. So while I don't like being negative, some shows just deserve it and my rage has to get expressed somewhere. So here are a few posts you can expect this year.

1. Star Wars reviews - as I make my way through the EU and the new cannon offerings I will post some capsule reviews. I should have one of these ready to post sometime this week I hope.

2. Star Wars Rebels season 3 predictions. Fan theories seem to be all the rage these days. So why not give a try at it and see how "right" I can be. I might make some for the movies too.

3. Star Wars appreciation - childhood memories of the OT, thoughts on the prequels, lists of favorite characters, why I like them, links to some favorite Star Trek music videos, etc.

4. Star Trek appreciation - how I first got into Star Trek and each of the series, lists of favorite characters and episodes from each series and why I like them, continued thoughts from my friend on the DS9 watch (last episode watched was The Maquis Pt1&2), more convention memories from Steel City Cons in 2016, links to some favorite Star Trek music videos.

5. "Dear Murdering Bastards" a new blog series ranting about deaths of favorite characters in TV, books, and comics, not just this TV season but those I'm still not over. Also, could include a look at death done right in fiction for comparison/contrast.

6. Star Wars Rebels fanfiction, because I want to.

Mar. 15th, 2016


Diving into Star Wars Books and Comics Part 3 - Original Trilogy Era and Beyond

First, big thanksLoopy. Your posts are most helpful. In a nutshell here are some of my revised thoughts:

1. Will definitely read Outbound Flight. I had somehow got the plot of it confused with that of Death Troopers. Oops! Silly me. I will also read it after Survivor's Quest for maximum surprise.

2. Will skip Traviss's stuff (except when it is part of a series like Legacy of the Force.) She doesn't sound like my cup of tea.

3. Thanks for the clarification on KOTOR. I also have enjoyed Veitch's work on other comics so I may check out the lead in comic you recommended.

4. Think I can skip Darth Bane Trilogy. Undecided on Plageus, may eventually read it later if I'm not burned out on SW novels by that point.

5. I'll look forward to Yoda's book.

6. I'll give the Vos comic a try. So far Dark Disciple is okay, not great but not terrible either. Can't say the character has been ruined for me though since this is my first exposure to him beyond Clone Wars. I really like his unique Jedi power though. Psychometry has been one of my favorite superpowers every since I first saw Niko have it on Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers.

On to books from the OT era and beyond then. There is a lot here. Most on my interest lies in the stuff set after the OT, specifically the continuation of Luke, Leia, and Han's adventures, and later their kids. Here's what I plan to read:

In addition to Outbound Flight, I'll read Allegiance and Choice of One by Zahn, but should I read them before or after the Thrawn Trilogy?

Scoundrels - also by Zahn, but I figure this one isn't very dependent on stuff in the Thrawn trilogy and can be safely read first. I also just love the idea of an Ocean's 11 type of adventure as a way for Han to pay back Jabba the Hut. I also have a soft spot for Lando since that was my grandfather's name.

Shadow Games - If I like the Coruscant Nights books I may give this one a try since it's by the same author. The idea of a Lin Minmei of the SW Universe (or is she more Lila Cheney?)
sounds fun. Also Han is supposed to be in it set pre-ANH.

Empire and Rebellion Duology: Razor's Edge and Honor Among Thieves - A book focused on Leia, yay!, and one on Han. Scarlett sound like an interesting character. Curiously, Luke's book which would have been the third in this series ended up as part of the new cannon as Heir the the Empire, so I'll read Luke's book after these two.

As I said before, I may also finish reading the rest of the YA Rebel Force series as well.

Any thoughts on Shadows of the Empire? I'm planning on skipping it.

As to post OT I'm mostly going in continuity order but skipping the X-Wing series that doesn't interest me. So I'll read:

Truce at Bakura
Courtship of Princess Leia
Tatooine Ghosts
Thrawn Trilogy
Jedi Academy Trilogy
Children of the Jedi
Planet of Twilight
Crystal Star
Black Fleet Crisis Trilogy
The New Rebellion
Corellian Trilogy
Hand of Thrawn Duology
Union Comic with the Luke/Mara wedding - so happy I found a copy!
Survivor's Quest
Young Jedi Knights Series
New Jedi Order Series
Dark Nest Trilogy
Legacy of the Force Series
Millennium Falcon
Fate of the Force Series

Anything vital I have missed? What about I, Jedi? I plan to skip it as it doesn't really focus on the main OT characters, but I have heard some good things about it. Anything to seriously avoid?

I've sorted out the novels pretty well. It's the comics that confuse me. I have yet to find a good timeline that includes them and there are a lot of comics with the OT characters. A few that stand out to me though:

Infinities - have the new TPB of this, looking forward to it, Leia as a Jedi, yay!

Empire Vol. 4 Heart of the Empire - have this, seems to be some nice stand alone Leia stories here

Dark Empire - I've heard a lot about this one. Is it worth reading or is it too much like bad fanfiction with Dark Luke and a Clone Emperor? Also how long is it? Were there sequels or is it really three volumes long? And if there were sequels are they as good as the first one?

Vector - sound like a cool concept/crossover idea of different eras

Rebel Heist - just sound like a fun read

Wasn't there a story arc where Leia was an X-Wing pilot? What was that one?

Legacy and Legacy II - I've heard good things about Legacy II. Is Legacy I worth it? Will I be too confused if I just read Legacy II?

Any other must read comics from the OT era I have missed?

Mar. 1st, 2016


Diving Into Star Wars Books and Comics Part 2 - Pre- Episode 4

Okay, so now I'm ready to get to the older stuff. I haven't read much of it at all at this point but I do have quite a few some candidates that I have either bought already or are easy to get from the library. I'll start with pre-A New Hope stuff since that gets more tricky. I'll mostly be doing this chronologically, but I have noticed a few trend in what types of books I am interested in:

1. times periods of "ancient" or pre-prequel era Jedi interest me, especially if it's about a female Jedi

2. not surprisingly I have very little interest in the prequel/Clone Wars era but I am very interested in the Dark Times era that comes right after and stories of Order 66 survivors. I'm also interested in characters who may have served as "inspiration" to Rebels characters, such as do I think Kanan draws inspiration from Fergus Olin, Dass Jenner, Jax Pavon, Kyle Katarn or some combo of the above?

3. I am willing to suffer through the occasional bad book in a long series like New Jedi Order for the sake of completism when it comes to the continuing story of Princess Leia and Han or Jaina and Jacen Solo. But if the stories aren't that tightly linked together I'd be willing to skip a couple, or will I be lost if I don't read them all?

4. I want to read everything by Zahn, except maybe Outbound Flight which doesn't interest me as much since it's prequel era and doesn't have Mara Jade in it.

5. I'm not sure what to make of Karen Traviss's work I've heard she's pretty controversial. I'm pro-Jedi, not that I think they are perfect or anything, but I do see them as the heroes of the saga. I've heard she's rather anti-Jedi and very pro-Mandolorian. And while I don't hate Boba Fett, I don't love him either. So I'm not sure if Republic Commandos would be worth it for me. Can I just read the Order 66 book without having read the others or will I just be confused or just generally disgusted with her pro Mando/anti Jedi propaganda considering this was written before the Clone Wars season 6 arc than included the chip that made the clones obey Order 66?

6. Like Zahn, I think I want to read everything by John Jackson Miller too, including the comics he has done.

Okay getting a bit more specific then:
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Diving Into Star Wars Books and Comics Part 1 - New Cannon

Okay, it's taken me a while to sort out and get a handle on the timelines of this stuff, but I think I have the new cannon and most of the EU book cannon timeline sorted out. It's the comics I find the most confusing. I also wasn't sure how to structure this post- by theme or timeline or what, but I'm going to start with what I have read and what I think interests me chronologically, starting with the new cannon.

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Feb. 13th, 2016


My Top Ten Star Wars: Clone Wars Story Arc/Episodes

I've finally seen all six seasons, including the Legacy animatics, yay! And it's a good show. But I find Clone Wars's quality inconsistent. There are some arcs that are absolutely awesome and others that bore me to tears. I mean one arc we see the return of Drath Maul and the next will be about JarJar's secret girlfriend, wtf? And then there is the other reason I held off on this show for so long. I HATE Anakin. I love Vader! He's been nightmare fuel for me since the tender age of five, so seeing him as any sort of "good guy" makes me just want to shout Hypocrite! You're going to kill/enslave/betray them all!" at the TV every five minutes. But big kudos to Matt Lanter, aside from the fact he can actually act, I find I can at least tolerate Anakin now. Clone Wars Anakin is the Anakin I wish we had gotten in the prequels. I had only seen the pilot movie and parts of the final Ahsoka arc prior to this watching, but now that I've had the chance to see it all, I'm glad I watched the show. And while I like Rebels better and that the franchise has shifted its focus away from the prequel era, I think the show deserved better than the abruptness of its cancellation.

So without further ado here is my list of my favorite arcs or episodes of the Clone Wars. Beware, low to moderate spoilers follow:

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